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GTA 4 Apk Mod Download Latest Version For Android

Here comes the GTA 4 Apk Mod download latest version for Android. This article would enlighten you more. So, let’s dive in!

Most children love GTA (Grand Theft Auto) games, and they begin to play Rockstar games from the first version. Beyond kids, gamers of all ages love the GTA 4 Apk for Android.

So, are you one of those people looking for GTA 4 for android free download full version or GTA 4 Apk no verification? The GTA 4 Apk is an additive version of the GTA vice city version. It does not matter whether you have a laptop or not; you can now download and enjoy the GTA 4 Apk for Android. It is unique, and this article would reveal more to you.

Download GTA 4 Apk + OBB Data For Android

The GTA 4 cannot be found on the Google PlayStore or even on the official Rockstar website. This is because the game has not yet been officially launched for Android OS. But, never worry because you can still download and play the GTA 4 game on your Android smartphone.

A way to download and enjoy was searched for and has been found. Though, you will need an OBB Zip file that has all the data of the GTA 4 game. If the file is not available, the GTA 4 game will not run on your Android smartphone. Below is the link to download GTA 4 Apk.

Download GTA 4 Apk

These files are sufficient to install and play GTA 4 on your Android smartphone. This version is the most recent, and you will not get any issues while installing it. While downloading the OBB files, you will have to have a good Wi-Fi connection because the files are large. After you have finished downloading it, follow the installation steps given below. 

Note that GTA 4 does not run on older versions of Android because of its high-quality graphics required to play the game.

Requirements For GTA 4 Apk For Android

Since the GTA 4 has not been made official for Android devices, gamers will have to play Windows on Android OS. You will need some special requirements for you to be able to pay for the GTA 4 game. These requirements are:

  • Android ( Running on 4.0+ Version)
  • GTA 4 App
  • OBB File

So, these are the requirements for gamers to play the GTA 4 game on their android smartphone. The version info will be given below.

Version Info

  • GTA 4
  • Compatible with All Android smartphones (1GB + RAM)
  • Version 1.3.4
  • Android Version Needs 4.0+
  • Developer Rockstar Games

GTA 4 Apk Installation

To install the GTA 4 game on your Android smartphone, you will have to move the downloaded OBB file in a folder.

To make the installation process fast and easy, simply follow the steps below:

  • You will have to download the GTA 4 on your Android smartphone; just click here to download.
  • Then install the downloaded Apk on your Android smartphone. It will be in the downloaded folder.

Note: if you receive any Security error during the installation process, just go to

           Settings >> Security & Fingerprint >> Tap on “Unknown Sources” option

  • After the successful installation of the game, do not open it. First of all, download OBB DATA from here – OBB File
  • Then proceed to the Download folder and extract the downloaded OBB Zip file in

 Android >> Data >> OBB >> com.rockstargames.gtaiv. (Ensure not to paste the file anywhere else, because it would not work).

  • Now, you can then launch the GTA 4 game that you installed earlier.

Whether you are a new Android user or not, if you followed the steps above carefully, then you can now enjoy the GTA 4 game on your Android smartphone. Besides, the above procedure can be filled for any GTA or PC games.

Now, you know how to get the GTA 4 Apk Mod Download latest version for android. Just follow the steps given, and you will be able to enjoy the GTA 4 games on your Android smartphone.

I hope the article was helpful. If you encounter any issue or error while trying to download or install, please feel free to ask in the comment section.

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