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Download Nova Launcher Prime Apk Mod

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The Nova launcher Apk Prime is meant to customize smartphones’ launchers and give them a great appearance, and it is an android app. It has gotten more than 50 million downloads with a vast 4.5 rating and more than one million reviews on Google PlayStore.

Nova Launcher Prime App

The Nova Launcher is one of the favorite replacements for stock Android launchers in the market. It has excellent options that you can use to customize your Home screen to your desire. 

All manufacturers distribute their devices with their own version of Android that can be accessed by the primary user interface, which is known as the launcher. These launchers are limited. But, with the Nova launcher, you can replace your home screen with one that allows you to change layouts, animations, icons, and lots more. 

Features Of Nova Launcher

The Nova Launcher has some great features such as:

  • Customizable App Drawer: Vertical or horizontal scrolling and custom effects are some of the things you will find for the app drawer.
  • Custom Icons Themes: You can find thousands of icon themes for Nova Launcher available on the PlayStore.
  • Fast: Nova Launcher is immensely optimized to work silently and fastly. The animations are kept smooth, and the quicker your fingers, the faster your phone.
  • Color Controls: The colors for folders, drawer tabs, backgrounds, labels, and unread badges are controlled.
  • Import Layout: Nova Launcher can import from famous launchers, including the one your phone came with.
  • Infinite Scroll: With Nova Launcher, you do not need to scroll indefinitely to get to your favorite page. It can loop through the desktop or drawer consistently.
  • Subgrid Positioning: With Nova Launcher, you can snap icons or widgets halfway through the desktop grid cells, giving you greater control than the regular launcher.
  • Improved Widgets Drawer: The grouping of widgets by the app makes it very fast to use.
  • Backup/Restore: Nova Launcher has a fantastic backup/restore system that permits you to save your desktop layout and launcher settings.

Nova Launcher Prime

Some other great features can be unlocked by buying the Nova Launcher Prime. They are:

  • Gestures – Pinch, swipe, double-tap, and others, are features you can use on your home screen to view your favorite apps.
  • Hide Apps – Hide Apps helps you to hide unused apps, thereby keeping your app drawer clean.
  • Unread Counts – With the unread counts, you will never miss a message. There are unread count badges for SMS, Hangouts, Gmail, and so on, using the TeslaUnread plugin.
  • Icon Swipes – You can use it to set custom actions for swiping on folders or app shortcuts.
  • Custom Drawer Groups – Use it to create new folders or tabs in the app drawer.
  • More Scroll effects – Throw, Wipe, and Accordion.

Note: This app uses the Device Administrator permission for optional screen-off/lock functionality.

Mod Features

The Prime features unlocked – graphics are optimized, default papers are cleaned, additional is not required, Analytics / Crashlytics is disabled, Permission plus Receivers that are not necessary are disabled, and Disables Rate and Social Menu.

Color Mod Features

The color mod has its own features, and they are:

  • Disabled tracking
  • Built-in wallpapers are removed.
  • Disabled Firebase and Measure services
  • Replaced Pixel UI style icons and replaced launcher icons.
  • Languages are English and Russian
  • Graphics are compressed.
  • Complete Russian translation.
  • Graphical change of settings
  • Changed color scheme
  • Changed icons, reduced separators, and removed unwanted indents at the end of the settings.
  • Unwanted items in Nova settings can be moved to Advanced.

Download Nova Launcher Prime Apk, click from Google play

The Nova Launcher Prime is absolutely safe to use. Therefore you can now go ahead to download Nova Launcher Prime Apk Mod here.

App Screenshots

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