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10 Best Song Naming Apps For Android

Longing to know about the 10 best song naming apps for android? This article will tell you more about them. Let’s dive in!

Sometimes, you might hear a nice song playing on the radio, and you are just flowing with the melodious sound, and all of a sudden, the song is gone. You love the song, but your issue is that you do not even know the lyrics nor even the artist that sang the song. The question now becomes – how do you figure out the song?

Never worry too much, because there are now song naming apps for android. These apps can help you identify songs just by you humming into your android smartphone’s mic.

Song naming apps are also known as Music ID apps. The way the song naming apps for android work, is that they just collect samples of the song you listened to and compare the audio fingerprint to a large online database of songs.

In this article, a list of the best song naming apps for android have been put together for you. So that you don’t ever miss out on any song again. Itching to know more? 

Then read on!

Best Song Naming Apps For Android

1. Shazam

Shazam happens to be the most popular among the best song naming apps for android. It has a user-friendly interface. Shazam app is extremely fast when it comes to song naming. 

Most interestingly, once it names a song, it offers you several choices. Whether you want to watch the YouTube video of the song or sing along with the lyrics of the song, and so on.

Shazam has an amazing pop-up feature that can recognize music while using other apps. There is also the offline Shazam that automatically names the song once you are back online. Shazam has other great features such as Auto Shazam, Visual Shazam, and many more.

The Shazam app is absolutely free and it has a high-level song naming speed and accuracy.

Download Shazam

2. SoundHound

SoundHound is among the best song naming apps for android. SoundHound has some similarities with music streaming apps. It is a song making app for android that also offers various music categories to select from. This apart plays mainly musical videos rather than just the music.

SoundHound has its song assistant as part of its great features. And by just saying “OK Hound” you are permitted to search for an artist and play songs. The web based version is another amazing feature that makes use of your PC microphone for song naming.

Apart from song naming, you can also see the lyrics of songs, connect to Spotify and buy songs on Google Play.

SoundHound has the free version and the premium version cost $5.99.

Download SoundHound

3. Musixmatch Lyrics

Musixmatch Lyrics is also part of the best song naming apps for android. Musixmatch Lyrics concentrates totally on lyrics and song naming.

It has a Musixmatch floating lyrics feature that can show the lyrics of almost any song in the world. It can even bold out the words of the song in real-time as the song is playing in the background. It also has a translated version feature that can translate lyrics into other languages. Though, not every song has been translated into other languages.

The free version of Musixmatch Lyrics comes with in-app purchases, while the premium version permits word by word sync as you sing the song.

Download Musixmatch Lyrics

4. Genius

Genius is part of the best song naming apps for android. It has a very nice user interface that allows it users to be able to pass the volumes of the song library and view top charts.

Genius has real-time lyrics. You can find any song of your choice, view the lyrics, and play the video of the song. You have the option to download the lyrics of any song, so that you will be able to read them while you are offline.

Download Genius

5. BeatFind

BeatFind is another great song naming app for android. It does not just find music, it syncs with the music and produces a flash strobe light effect through the flashlight of the android device.

To be able to name a song with this app, you will need to click on the search icon situated at the bottom of the screen. Though, sometimes the icon hides behind the ads that pop-up frequently on the screen, ( so much ads is one issue with this app).

It keeps the history of identified songs, songs can be listened to on Spotify, YouTube, and so on.

The BeatFind app is totally free.

Download BeatFind

6. Music ID

Music ID is among the best song naming apps for android. Music ID has one of the best music identifying abilities and soundtracks tags.

This app has a great feature known as Explore tab, which allows you to see information about  top songs and various artists. Though, this app does not show the lyrics of the song, but permits you to include comments on the song you have named.

The Music ID app is absolutely free.

Download Music ID

7. Soly

Soly is another great song naming app for android. This app looks for songs and also provides the lyrics for the song. The app also has an inbuilt music player that grants you access to enjoy songs that are stored on your android device. 

Though, when the Soly app identifies an app it does not bring out the lyrics of the song. The lyrics of the song have to be found manually on the Soly app.

The Soly app is absolute free. Though, ads pop out frequently on the app.

Download Soly

8. Music Identification

Music Identification is an amazing song naming app for Android. This is not your regular song naming app because it allows you to access a huge music collection of about 130 million.

This app’s unique feature is the link generation feature that links to the web page where you can find your desired music. This app promises no ads and your personal data would not be exposed.

Download Music Identification

9. Sound Search For Google Play

Sound search for Google Play is part of the best song naming apps for Android. The sound search for Google Play has a widget that can be included to your lock screen and it has the potential to listen to and name any song playing in your environment.

In the latest versions of Android, the song searching option is integrated directly to the Google assistant. You just need to say “Ok Google” to launch the assistant. Then ask “what song is this?” 

It is already embedded in your android device, but if you choose, you can still download the Apk, if you want the widget on your home screen.

Download Sound Search for Google Play Apk

10. AnySong Chord Recognition

AnySong Chord Recognition is also among the best song naming apps for Android. If you like a song, you do not need to Google guitar chords just to play it. This app can identify a song just by guitar chords, within 40 seconds of playback of the song on your memory card. It extracts the guitar chords and shows you the tabs on the screen as the song is playing.

The app has the free version, but the pro version comes with a price. The pro version allows you to process the whole song.

Download AnySong Chord Recognition

These are the best naming song apps for android. So, you can download them and name any song of your choice.

Hope the article was helpful. Please share your thoughts and any other song naming apps for android below in the comment section. Thanks!

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