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10 Best Kahoot App Alternatives 2021

Have you heard about the best Kahoot app alternatives for 2021? In this article, you will get the full details of it. So, let’s dive in!

Kahoot happens to be a learning platform that is anchored on specific games that makes use of advanced technology for schools and various educational organizations.

The aim of this article is to find other great apps that can be used as an alternative to Kahoot app. Some of these Kahoot app alternatives are free to use, while others are paid and developed for business purposes.

So in this article, we would reveal the best Kahoot app alternatives.

Longing to know more? Then read on!

1. Quizizz

Quizizz is one of the best Kahoot app alternatives. It is an amazing learning app for teachers and students. With this app, teachers can use live video conferencing to communicate with their students. On the Quizizz app, there are polls and quizzes that teachers can use to test their students’ knowledge and the students can give their answers in real-time.

The Quizizz app has a user-friendly interface. The platform is very simple to use, but also good in boosting the learning process. More than 20 million students make use of the Quizizz app around the globe.

Download Quizizz

2. ClassTime

ClassTime is also among the best Kahoot app alternatives. It is a fun learning app and it offers teachers ample time to be able to freely teach their students in an interactive learning environment.

The app has an amazing designed user interface that is simple to understand.

The app allows teachers to prepare quizzes, polls, and worksheets to commence the learning sessions. Students can simply join the learning session with their mobile devices or computers, and also send in their answers in real-time.

Download ClassTime

3. Book Widgets

Book Widgets is another wonderful Kahoot app alternative. It permits one to set up captivating activities for students with the help of a library of information. 

One can set up polls, quizzes, and several questions formats to start up a learning session. The students can answer all the questions in real-time, and also finish all their homework on this app.

This app enables teachers to apply various teaching strategies alongside maintaining a fun and interactive learning environment.

Download Book Widgets

4. Acadly

Acadly is among the best kahoot alternatives. It is an amazing management tool for live in-class polling, analytics, quizzes, questions-answers, attendance and many others. It’s wonderful course framework supports different techniques of learning.

Most times, teachers make use of this app to carry out collaborative teaching, blended learning, BYOD teaching, flipped classrooms, and active learning. It goes with various learning tools, and has an inbuilt chat feature. Once you install it in your device, you can have unlimited access to it’s great tools.

Download Acadly

5. Quizlet

Quizlet is another great Kahoot app alternative. The app is simple to use, and it is based on games and the web. Quizlet has striking tools and games which students can use in practicing and thereby become good in the learning materials.

On this app study materials can easily be created, such as flashcards and quizzes. With this app, students can learn how to pronounce any word correctly, in 18 different languages. The app has more than 30 million users, utilizing it’s amazing tools and features.

Download Quizlet

6. Gimkit

Gimkit is part of the best Kahoot app alternatives. This distance learning service grants students around the globe the opportunity to learn and have fun together. On this app, teachers can create quizzes and polls to teach a chapter to the students and the students can also answer various questions in real-time.

Gimkit is focused on using gamification to enhance education within students. The app is filled with so much fun, because a student is rewarded with in-game money, whenever he or she answers a question correctly. The student will also lose the earned money whenever the student answers a question wrongly. In-game money earned can be used to buy power-ups and level-ups from the virtual shop.

Download Gimkit

7. Seesaw

Seesaw is one of the best Kahoot app alternatives. It is a student-driven digital platform. Apart from enabling one to develop great works, this app also helps one to save time. With it’s amazing games and tools, one can create fresh learning and teaching experiences.

This app has video and audio clippings, through which students can do their assessments and the teacher can monitor every student’s improvement. On this platform, interaction between teachers and students can be enhanced with playing games with friends, several categories of teaching, quality interaction with teachers, and accessible classroom activities. 

Download Seesaw

8. Ahaslides

Ahaslides is an amazing Kahoot app alternative, it is meant for teachers and students. It is focused on making education fun and not boring. With this app, you can create quizzes and students can answer them in real-time. 

Tutors can set up a full quiz for some specific topics to enable the student to learn it properly. Teachers can also give presentations to students just like Microsoft PowerPoint. The app has virtual slides that contain texts and questions, which students can use them to practice, by answering them randomly.

Download Asalides

9. Socrative

Socrative is among the best Kahoot app alternatives. It is available for both mobile and web devices. It has a user-friendly interface that teachers and students can easily understand. With this app, teachers can effectively set assessments for students sharply, in a fun and engaging manner.

This app has great tools and features, which makes the both the learning and teaching process to be simple and fast. With the app, students can share their knowledge with help of question polls, exit tickets, quizzes, space races, and so on. And one has unlimited access to it once it is installed on your device.

Download Socrative

  • Kids A – Z

Kids A – Z is the last on our list of the best Kahoot app alternatives. It is a free mobile app and a user-friendly interface. It has interactive content which poses to make learning fun. On the platform, students have options for quizzes, educational games, e-book, and resources.

This app has professional tools that enables you to create personalized learning. The app has various resources that are good for the development of students. There are also notation tools, and it can send reports automatically to the teachers.

Download Kids A-Z

So, these are the 10 best Kahoot app alternatives 2021. They are filled with fun and can effectively keep students engaged educationally. Therefore, you can go ahead to download any of your choices. 

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